In the last decade, fashion scene has pulled a 180degree in Pakistan. Today, fashion is not just about a stylish dress. People have become conscious about each and every aspect of their look. From edgy haircuts to choosing the right accessories, a look is worked on from top to bottom. One aspect of creating a style statement are nails!

And its not just about applying a nail color. It is about creativity and experimentation. It is about art and expression...which is why we asked our friends at ORIFLAME SWEDEN (Europe's No.1 Direct Sales Cosmetics Company) about this years nail trends!

The SS 16 nail trends are all about creating individuality. The popular nail shapes for this year are rounded, oval and long almond. Our personal favorite, the square shape, is out this season !

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matching-lipstick-nail-polishMatching Nails and Makeup!

Remember the time when it was bizarre to use the same nail color as that of your dress or lipstick. Brace yourself ladies! The whole matching eyes and lips to nails feature has taken over the fashion scene.

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