Headline: Sushant Singh Rajput, Bollywood Actor, was found dead in his Bandra home.

When you see the list of celebrities from all around the world, who have committed suicide, you realise that their names are proof that fame doesn’t always buy happiness and that no matter how witty and riveting you are on screen, behind closed doors, they’re struggling like everybody else.

To end your life means that you’ve drowned in hopelessness and are trapped between social and physical challenges that you see no other way to improve your life, so you just end it. You may never know why a person committed suicide. While it might have appeared that someone had everything to live for, it probably didn’t feel that way to them. 

There’s a long list of famous people who have lost the will to live surrounded multiple issues like; cyber-bullying and the slew of hate and judgments, deteriorating personal relationships, alcohol and drug addiction, a failing career and financial issues etc among other hardships.

So, to put things in perspective, here’s a list of some famous people from around the world who have committed suicide, who are celebrities, famous actors, writers, musicians and professionals that can learn about. Imagine all the people who have given up on living and their absence has gone unreported.


Robbin Williams committed suicide


The man who made us all laugh and cry at the same time with iconic roles like Patch Adams, Jumanji, Awakening, What Dreams May Become (and the list just goes on) and improv skills, was in so much despair and pain due to his ailments (from Parkinson’s to dementia and depression) and the physical incapacity to get the drive that he once used to get from his work, in spite of accomplishing so much in life, but it all came down to giving his “brain a reboot” and Robin William hung himself in his room.

Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide


The latest tragedy is of this young actor of 34, Sushant Singh Rajput  hung himself in his Bandra home, India. Some say he was struggling with depression and isolated in his home for the past 6 months, but in truth we might never know what Sushant was thinking when he decided to take his life. He was probably the only actor who had sky rocketed from TV to Bollywood like a star! There is a list of Bollywood celebs who have committed suicide.

Chester Bennington committed suicide


The American lead singer-song writer of the epic band, Linkin Park, Chester Bennington had issues of years of untreated mental health, substance abuse and and unhealthy relationships and the loss of his friend, singer Chris Cornell (who also committed suicide).


This chocolate boy of Pakistan was struggling with depression for a long time and had turned to substance abuse. His death did leave some questions unanswered because it was neither ruled as a suicide nor as a natural death. However, his battle with mental health was a main cause that lead to leading events in his life.

Marilyn Monroe committed suicide


There were multiple theories behind Marilyn M0nroe’s death, but all of those theories settled as speculations because everyone knew that Marilyn was troubled from her life, her failed relationships, suicide ideations, therapy, and medication. Marilyn Monroe was found with her face on her bed and an empty bottle of her pills, citing an overdose. But who know what actually happened and why this celebrated women of the 50’s and 60’s killed herself.

Swedish DJ Avicci committed suicide


This Swedish DJ’s death left so many questions, who committed suicide by cutting his hands with a broken wine bottle while vacationing in the Middle East. He was an addict, had a few surgeries and was struggling to find the meaning of life and happiness, looking for a general balance and peace. His music, Levels and Wake Me Up despite being already popular in his lifetime, became posthumous hits by Avicci. But this 28 year old star was looking for a little more within him as his mental state fluctuated in his last days.

WWE RAW wrestler Chris Benoit committed suicide


I watched Chris Benoit grow to becoming the best of all time. He was God in the wrestling ring, but he completely lost his calm and shocked the world when he strangled his wife, smothered his 7 year old child and killed himself. Chris was suffering from years of untreated brain injuries in the ring and therefore had been suffering from depression and congnitive impairment. Wrestler Eddie Guerrero also committed suicide.

Nirvana Kurt Cobain committed suicide


One word. NIRVANA – the best rock bands of all time.

Kurt Cobain shot himself and left a suicide note, he was an addict, alcohol and drugs. He had a bipolar disorder, a family with history of suicide and mental health and therefore he had been going through patterns of depression and instability all his life.

Sylvia Plath committed suicide


A broken marriage and abandonment drove Sylvia Plath of the pits of misery and the desperate, but planned act of putting her head in the oven and turning the gas on, saving her children’s life. 6 years later the mistress for whom her poet husband, Ted Hughes had left his family, also killed herself the in the same way.

Kate Spade committed suicide


Her self-titular high-street luxury brand, Kate Spade was so iconic for her bag collection and fashion line, but Kate was doubting her existence without giving any warning or indication about what she as going to do even though she was taking medical treatment for anxiety and depression. So, her suicide came as a shock to many including her family and left a suicide note.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.