Fahad Mustafa is without a doubt one of the most popular stars in Pakistan. From his successful hosting career at major gigs like the PSL in Dubai and Jeeto Pakisan on ARY Digital, his energy and charm is contagious.

He’s committed to his work, has a beautiful family, and is not big on giving interviews, however, he remains to be the most-loved star both on TV and cinema for his roles in Na Maloom Afraad 1 & 2 and JPNA 2 along with a string of drama serials to his credit. But that’s not all that brings Fahad Mustafa under our radar, rather it is his style quotient does.

So, how has Fahad Mustafa come to become this huge style icon in the past couple of years? Well, let’s find out.

From a groom to a star, since his debut in 2003, Fahad Mustafa has evolved in terms of his choice of role, has honed his craft, kept a stable life at home and gained popularity solely for his work. And nowadays he’s amassed a following that is crazy about him.

Fahad Mustafa flaunted the metro man vibes back in the day, but today his personal style and taste is more refined and mature. And we love how he isn’t afraid to take a chance on experimenting with his looks.

Fahad Mustafa may not have made the right choices when it came to finding who he was when it came to fashion, however he has tremendously worked on what he chooses to wear now and can own a casual look like he was build for it.

From long hair to stressed Tee’s to a impeccably styled shalwar-kurta with a waist coast, Fahad Mustafa prepared and curried himself into fitting the person he is today – a star, and can look dishy in whatever he wears.

From hosting, to acting, to producing and vacationing, Fahad Mustafa carries his good luck with him (apart from the obvious), let’s focus on his good looks. He’s taken risks, sported hairstyles and pumped up on and off, and has managed to become everybody’s numero uno.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.