Even though we went inside the royal wedding to get you the latest scoop, but we aren’t really over it yet – at least not for this post! Social media is still abuzz about the newly weds, the royalty who attended the wedding, the lucky commoners who were selected by the couple to be a part of history, and then there was the recent UrwaFarhan joke of the century. Since everyone’s been talking about Harry and Meghan, we couldn’t help but give their angrezi sisters-in-law relationship our desi touch. In a Pakistani setup, Kate and Meghan are Jeethani-Devrani and if you’re either one of them, then you know what it means, especially when it involves diamonds and palaces, and what not!

For post-wedding meet ups with the susar, you have to pretend to like each other when in reality you don’t!

Because Harry is so cute-so anything for him (on his face) but dil he dil may, we don’t care

Since jeethani jee  is the one and only!

and whether Meghan likes it or not, Kate’s Alexander McQueen wedding dress was sheer classic

And we are still thinking if Meghan dress was a rip off just like Kate

But the truth is that Kate and Meghan are going to live in Kensington palace now!

Andar he andar Meghan be like

Because the truth is that Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex is here!

Amidst smiling in public, there is going to be a silent war between these two

But their end will be the ultimate one, like har ghar ki kahani with the jeethani-devrani


Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.