Amna Niazi

Thanks to this yummy weather (I’m being sarcastic, here) and super-long fasting hours, le brain at iftar time is like a computer with too many windows open. While sitting around the dining table, waiting for maulvi sahab to announce Magrib, many thoughts zigzag through one’s mind. Below, we have listed down ten of them. Are any of ours same as yours? Let the #SiddySaysFam know. Iftar

1. Is it time yet?
2. I really, really hope Ami fried samosas today. Chicken, not Aalu.
3. Is this clock working alright?
4. Yo, why aren’t we invited for iftar anywhere today? Bewafa friends and bewafa-tareen family.
5. Chips to bohat thoray hein, jaldi jaldi khaa loun gi…..
6. No, change the channel. I don’t want to see Mr. Aam khaao, aam. Konsay channel par azaan jaldi hotee hai?
7. Yar abhi 5 minute hi guzray hein!
8. Kul nahi rakhna roza.
9. Aj bus aik pakora khaaon gi. Kul se detox.
10. *Door Bell* sath wali aunty nay dahi bhallay bhej diye??.
~ And finaly Azaaan….Pops khajoor in mouth, drinks piña colada and moves onto those samosas – chicken, not aalu, remember? 😉 IFtar


Written By Nida Haqqi