As you rush to your nearby clothing store to get your hands on the most chic items of the season, allow us to introduce you to the latest fad: the snakeskin trend that has apparently slithered its way into every fashionista’s wardrobe this season.

The python print can be seen on everything lately – from knee-length trench coats to two-toned faux leather belts, and from sexy boots to midi-skirts in a variety of shades.

Here’s how you too can get a wardrobe upgrade by adding a few of these reptilian-printed items in your closet this season:


Add a classy yet bold touch to your outfit with the help of a blouse in snakeskin design. This can be a collared shirt, a cropped top, or even a ribbed high-neck sweater.


Adhere to the principle of ‘less is more’ by adding just a subtle touch of serpentine trend in your outfit with the help of belts. These are available in different shades, and various width measurements.


Winter boots are an essential part of a girl’s winter wardrobe but instead of splurging on the age-old sheepskin uggs this year, invest in some boots that sport a punchy python finish.


Whoever said office formal wear is boring definitely needs to take a double check because we have our eyes set on some oh-so-chic blazers in snakeskin design. Furthermore, these are available in a multitude of designs too.


What’s not to love about snakeskin-printed accessories especially bags and clothes that instantly upgrade an outfit from plain to glam? From oversized bags to slender totes and trendy clothes, there’s an endless variety to choose from what suits your personal sense of style.