Ranjha Ranjha Kardi is coming to an end and episode 28 was crystal clear for the curve balls it thew at us. Sahir, despite the fluctuations and doubts in his character, we can now aptly say that, he is pure evil, and thankfully Noori is aware of this after she confronted him with the accusation of theft on him due to which she went to jail just so he could walk free, was true after all. Sahir, indeed had robbed his ex-employer and was a scam so he could live a life of aish-o-aram, whereas Noori never cared for money, but a life of dignity. Furthermore, Noori’s nerve-wracking state for the past 3 episodes finally hit rock bottom when Sahir’s REAL intentions dawned on her and what he planned on doing, primarily because she just wants to protect her unborn child.

So, here are the 3 bits that were the highlights of episode 28.


Noori had started faltering in the previous episodes after she forgave Sahir and fell back in love with him, so she had become a rebel, lacked empathy, started thinking about herself, only to come to this realization again that for Sahir she’d always remain flawed, and unacceptable due to her “background”. She realized that she had misguidedly given up on all the love and respect that he had been receiving from Fehmida for a start with Sahir, but Sahir’s master mind and manipulation once again shook Noori’s perspective of him and how vile he actually is, bringing her back to what she should rightly stand for.


As resentful as Sahir’s character is considering everything he’s done since he met Noori up until now where he is going to marry Komal, have Bhola permanently removed, accuse Nusrat of Bhola’s murder and “conquer” a life with Noori has brilliantly played out by Syed Jibran. He had us second guess him since day one and we liked him and hated him, but now we’re very sure of our feelings for him and his plans for the future, everything else is collateral damage for him, even Noori.


In the beginning of the episode when Amma Janate reiterated of all the things Noori ever wanted in life had been handed over to her in the form of an exalted status, both in the haveli as Fehmida’s bahu and her role as a woman with child made her extremely blessed, and food for thought for Noori. A gentle reminder for Noori that we don’t get everything we want in life, so we make do with what we have. And despite everything, Fehmida’s unconditional love and support for Noori even after finding out that Noori was accused of stealing and spent a night in jail did not hamper their relationship. Both these women have played a strong role in Noori’s realise, the former for giving her a new life and reminding her of what is important, and the latter for helping her live and sustain life through all the good and bad.

Ps. we sorely missed Bhola’s absence in this episode. 

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Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.