Pakistan is inundated with pret wear but after a while it all looks the same. Recently some brilliant online brands have popped up that are offering smart clothes with clean silhouettes, are well in line with the current trends, but with their own take on it- all that at good affordable prices. The stitching, material and cuts are all great and the best part is that they are made to your size. So, here are some of out favourite online brands for clothes and accessories.


Lulusar is an online fashion brand. They offer a wide range of pants and tops sub-categorized into daily wear, lounge wear and evening wear. Their colours, prints and cuts are a great addition to your wardrobe especially if you are a working professional. They have a wide selection of pants in various styles with prices ranging from Rs. 1999 to Rs. 3499. Their tops come in a variety of colours, styles, materials and sleeve options ranging from Rs. 1999 to Rs. 3999. The best part is you can pay by cash on delivery and this payment option is available all over Pakistan. Their standard order delivery date is 8-10 working days. Lulusar


DYOT is another online clothing brand that allows you to customize your outfit according to your size. For any given style you can choose what length you prefer, whether it comes to your shirt length, your sleeve or your trousers. They offer a wide range of eastern and western wear that you can customize as per your fancy. Their price also ranges between Rs. 2599 to Rs. 5899. Their standard order delivery date is  7 working days. DYOT


Warp is an online luxury bag boutique which offers beautifully designed handcrafted bags, made in Lahore, Pakistan. I am currently lusting after their Python Embossed Hexellaminibag. Their bags range between Rs. 15,500 to Rs. 28,500. These bags are all the rage in minimalist but cutting edge design. You can buy your own via their website in a range of sizes, from a wallet on chain to a proper tote. Their standard order delivery date is of 8-10 working days. WARP


Soma Intl has been around for a few years and is probably one of my favourite brand for shoes. Their shoes are handcrafted, comfortable and so chic. You can order your favourite pair online in your exact size and available colour of your choice. If you are within Pakistan they have a Facebook page with prices for Pakistan. They now have a store in Karachi as well.Their standard order delivery date is 7 working days. SOMA SHOES


Peachwear offers a range of athletic wear, athleisure, lounge and night wear at very affordable prices.  They have a Facebook page where you can place your orders and browse through their entire range. Their standard order delivery date is 7 working days. PEACH WEAR