types of mascara-wands

Mascara is essential to complete your eye makeup. Whether it is adding volume, lengthening or polishing the eyelashes, mascara is the go-to product. Of course, the formula is essential but like any other makeup the results of the application are in the tools used. Similar to the kinds of brushes, mascara wands also have different types owing to their shapes and their bristles. Dense and short bristles are excellent for adding volume to your lashes while thinner bristles are the perfect fit for adding length and separate lashes. As for shapes – there are many different kinds. We turned to our friend Mehrbano Sethi the CEO Luscious cosmetics to solve this mystery for us:

Mascara Straight Wands

The straight one is the most common one available here in Pakistan and easily the most versatile one. They can be used in a number of different ways for people with different textures of lashes. Tilt the wands for a complete coverage of each lash [even the smaller, trickier ones in the corner of the eyes!]. The straight wand is great for people with big eyes or more lashes. For people with smaller eyes or lesser lashes there are other types of wands that fit their description.

If you are using a fat brush you can even get a good curl out of it. The straight wand is great for natural volume, length and definition. Perfect for everyday use.

Mascara Curved Wands

If you have flat straight lashes then this is the one you want. It is also good if you are looking for added curl effect or a slight lift. The concept of this wand is to curl from center and lit edges making the eyes look bigger. However, use this wand with the curve facing upwards so that the lashes sit in the curve.

Mascara Comb Wands:

These wands are usually made out of rubber or plastic and are good for people with thick lashes looking for a little extra length and more definition. They are a definite yes for length but not a good fit for volume.

Mascara Tapered Wands

More or less the same as straight wands with the difference being a tapered tip. Use the thick part of the brush for the curling, definition and volume effect while the tapered part to reach out to the corner of your eyes. Perfect for people with thin lashes and small eyes.

Mascara Spherical Wands

The Spherical wand is the type that is similar to any other wand except that is it smaller in size and is great for perfectionists. You get to work pretty much like an artist on small sections of your lashes to achieve that perfect look. This wands is great for detail!

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Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.