‘Bikhray Moti’ has recently started and has managed to garner rave reviews for the unique story line and amazing characters. The ensemble cast has managed to do justice to these original characters and deserve all the praises for their performances. Starring in the lead is Wahaj Ali opposite NeelumMunir, and the chemistry between these two has made quite a fan base for this reel life couple.

Wahaj Ali is playing the lead in Bikhray Moti


The writer deserves a special mention for writing strong and positive characters for men. It’s a big sigh of relief watching men who support women and stand by them like a solid rock in tough times. On the whole, ‘Bikhray Moti’ makes an interesting watch for various reasons: the electrifying chemistry between its lead actors, the intense dramatic content, and the violent streak in the narrative makes it intriguing for the viewers.


Wahaj Ali, as Ahad has been thriving in the drama, and it’s incredible to see how actors today don’t shy away from portraying more real roles, characters that require more than just a dazzle of glamour. His portrayal of this positive male character has brought about the much-needed realization in the industry that this is the sort of male leads that our dramas need. His measured performance has brought about the perfect balance in the drama.

Wahaj Ali Shoot

2019 was, without a doubt, a brilliant year for the talented actor. Basking in the glory of ‘Ehd-e-Wafa’ that earned him wide recognition with viewers and critics alike. What makes his achievements more noteworthy is that despite being around for a couple of years only, he has already gained a massive fan following. It’s a lovely mixture of the familiar and the fresh.

‘Bikhray Moti’ is a multi-starrer with NeelamMuneer, Yasir Nawaz, Waseem Abbass, Samina Ahmed, Rashid Farooqui, and Nausheen Shah among others.

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