With the changing marketing dynamics there has been an influx of products popping up in the local industry. Jooti Shooti, however, caught our eye with its beautifully crafted hand-painted khussas and kohlapuris.

An obsession with truck art was the main inspiration behind this product. Amal Hayat, heading this unique venture alongside Zainab Sagheer, her childhood friend and business partner, saw the niche where these unique designs had not been applied yet on footwear hence bringing Jooti Shooti into existence. Having spent time with her grandmother and mother, Hayat grew up watching hand-made art pieces come to life from the most unexpected materials which instilled a love for design and art. They have brought together a small team including brilliant artists who paint the designs onto the footwear with Amal applying her marketing oriented academic background to ensure the smooth running of the business.
2-IMG_6814Each piece you see is made by order which takes between 15 and 20 working days to make. At the moment you can’t have custom paint jobs applied on khussas & kohlapuris but they do provide customised colours depending on the customer’s preference. JootiShooti add customer comfort to their agenda by ensuring padding to the khussas they provide. Hayat has maintained her stance on providing quality and uses only oil based paints which are water proof within a range of PKR 1500/2000. Quite a nominal fee in my opinion, might I add, for the final product you receive! She has received nothing but amazing feedback for the jootis she provides and nothing can be more rewarding and encouraging than that for an entrepreneur.

With the support and love from several local and international bloggers, alongside fashion magazines they have plans in the pipeline for the future to increase awareness and customer engagement, alongside an expansion in their product line! All the Jootis are available on their Facebook & Instagram page for domestic and international order: