Ehtesham Ansari is not your regular Lollywood type stylist with run-of-the-mill sartorial choices, the man’s been in the business for over 13 something years – and that is something. In an ever-changing global fashion industry where fashion has tilted towards experiments and a new wave of dramatic play, Mr. Ansari comes with his own game and a “in it to win it” attitude. Remember Coke Studio’s season 10? Well, most of the uber-awesome looks were by Ehtesham Ansari, so we decided to catch up with him and coax him into sharing a wee bit himself.

SS: Who is Ehtesham Ansari?

EA: Ehtesham is someone who dreams and make them reality.  Crazy, Impulsive, Friendly, Hardworking that’s how most of the people around me define me as , I enjoy traveling food and  coffee

SS: Do you have designers who you rely on for certain occasions? If so, who?

EA: It totally depends; no one has ever refused me so far whenever I needed who ever I needed from

SS: How would you define your personal style?

EA: It’s easy-going, Balanced and Quirky at times. I like to wear colors. always in search of exquisite pair of shoes

SS: Have you ever felt inspired by a client?

EA:Yes, def. that’s very important it helps me to visualize and bring it all together

SS: What was one of the biggest challenges you had to overcome as a Stylist in Pakistan?

EA:  I recently did a show called A moment in my space, which has received extraordinary reviews so I would like to explore more of Art meet fashion and society subjects and considering offers as Fashion Director

SS: Have you ever thought that a particular actor/actress wasn’t somebody whom you wanted to work with? How did you work around that?

EA: I started almost 13 years, yes its been more then a decade no social media  no influencers no modern day technology , it was simple and purely based on merit and work standards it was tough to opt for a career which has no existence as mostly (still) misunderstood as coordinator or hair and make up person

But I was lucky enough to work with right people who had a vision to understand my capabilities and skill and offered me jobs accordingly, which in today’s time unfortunately seems absent, because social media has turn every tom dick and harry in to everything with zero education experience and exposure. Its about followers now not portfolio.

SS: Have you ever thought that a particular actor/actress wasn’t somebody whom you wanted to work with? How did you work around that?

EA: I have and will be refusing work where I feel I am required and my skills are not respected – My job discretion offers a vision not a rider services

SS: Any memorable wardrobe malfunctions?

EA:Zip Zip and Zip; I always tell brand to use good quality one and clients not to add extra padding when it’s a show time.

SS: How has fashion changed since you started out?

EA: There is no Fashion any more, Films and Music defines fashion. What we see around is Bollywood

SS: Do you have any gold words to share for aspiring stylists (who may or may not have gone to fashion school) and are looking for a break in the industry?

EA: Learn the rule so you can break them and redefine them nothing comes for free so do not sell your energy on FOC formula

SS: With the forever changing fashion trends, what are your top picks?

EA: Being trendy is not an easy task. It takes lot of effort and time. For this summer I would say the interesting fusion of classism with fantasy   topped with accessories for men and women both

SS: Name a celeb who you think desperately needs a makeover?

EA:Everyone needs a makeover / stylist everyone has to redefine him or herself it gets boring otherwise.

SS: I have to go out tonight and it’s raining, so how do I dress for up for a warm rainy night out?

EA:Bring your most glamorous shoes out!

SS: What do you think about fashion critics and bloggers take on a stylist? Are they relevant?

EA:Relevant, if only coming from those who have credibility


Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast