For long, the world has been obsessively consumed with the idea of a goody-two-shoes woman, a damsel in distress who’s forever in the need of her knight in shining armor. So much so that even our TV shows are majorly created around the same concept.

Anyhow, we decided to switch things up around here a bit, and give our most adored, typically goody-goody actresses a little femme fatale twist.

Keep reading to find out what we came up with!


Pakistan’s undisputed sweetheart has for long had the world wrapped around her little pinkie with her innocent charm and candid humor. But how refreshingly interesting would it be to see her play a vamp on air – a sexy secret agent maybe?


Aiza, with her girl-next-door beauty and soft features, fits the typical profile of a damsel in distress to perfection. But we’d also like to see her play a temptress on-screen. A cunning stepsister, perhaps?


Owing to her pretty looks and undeniable charm, Mawra is undoubtedly a perfect choice for playing a typical Desi distressed bahu. But what do you guys think about seeing her in a spoilt brat role who is willing to set the world on fire just to make things run her own way?


Armeena may look like an angel and is surely a terrific actress but we’d love to see her play a cunning vamp just to break free of her good-girl-next-door image. Perhaps a double role, then? A demure Armeena versus her evil genius twin would be a treat to watch!