For your special day, you need someone to take the moments for you, someone to manifest the moments through photographs. Let the professional and skilled photographers capture it for you. Keep the moments fresh like its being taken yesterday, even though it’s been forever.  Precious memories need to be kept as photographs.

We’ve listed  a few famous Photographers who are known for their passion, dedication and style. Without further ado, let’s get started!


AJ Studio is one of the wedding photographers which truly capture the richness of a Pakistani wedding. Pakistani weddings are a work of art; from details to decorations and the well-thought dresses, AJ studios do justice to its essence. AJ was one of the 25 photographers who were chosen from a worldwide search for the most talented upcoming photographers.


Known for his painting-like captures with magical lighting and editing, MehlumSadriwala has risen to be among Karachi’s best wedding photographers. The candidness and the bokeh-style photography reflect the soul of whatever and whoever his subject is.


K Bridals is one of the top-most studios for wedding photography in Karachi. This studio is always coming up with new ways to shoot weddings and marriages. They are always up to that level of modernism in their photography and are very innovative with their work.


Tariq AK effortlessly captures the soul of a traditional Pakistani wedding and with that, he has managed to conquer the hearts of many. He does not only work on projects within the country but also works on destination wedding shoots, which speak for his finesse and talent.


He is one of the best photographers out there. His pictures are the definition of surrealism. Enough cannot be said about his photography, which is why we will let the pictures talk.


This guy knows how to bring dream photos to life. The timelessness of wedding photography is important, and DossaniPlus Studio can give you just that.


He is everybody’s go-to photographer in town, currently. Takes the best candid photos. He knows just the right songs to add to your wedding video, and will make sure you re-live your wedding moments.


I think he’s absolutely amazing! His work has soft, ethereal touches of romantic aesthetic, which always succeeds in presenting the most beautiful of pictures to his many fans and followers on social media.

Contributed by Arpha Shah