Emmad Irfani is but a man with many faces (minus any #GameofThrones references), he is the doppleganger of two phenomenons, Freddie Mercury meets Clark Kent. But in reality, he is a boy who hails from Lahore (which makes us all the more happy) with oodles of charm, poise and talent.

Upon our first meeting with him, we instantly drew up to the conclusion that, Emmad Irfani is a true gentleman, and within mere minutes, his demeanor spoke of hard work, determination, patience, and humility among other qualities.

In all the while we chatted with Emmad, we learnt of his passions and sensitivity as an actor, an athlete and a coy musician, and we couldn’t decide what we loved the most about him. And even though he was ranked as one of the most good looking man in the “World’s 100 Most Handsome Men” list in 2018, he’s persona adds substance to the well-deserved nomination. #drools!

Anyway, we’re not going to keep Emmad Irfani all to ourselves, how could we? So let’s find out more about his role as #Shayan in Cheekh and an other interesting reveal that caught him off guard! #excited


Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.