We may be knee-deep in summer with humidity levels soaring, yet the annual seasonal glitch has not stopped fashion trailblazers from making statements in all shapes and sizes whilst flaunting the right colours and trends. And amidst the spew of yaay’s and naay’s, where fashionistas and glamazons prefer style over comfort, they are going to be in for a ride, because this season (and beyond) is going to be all about comfort and quality, and the fabric of choice is going to be, LINEN.

Your favourite retail brand, Sapphire is going to be launching their Linen collection soon, but in the mean time, let us tell you a bit about Linen.


The right question to be precise is,


Linen is known to have magical cooling properties unlike synthetic materials which have proven to damage your skin. It is made from flax plant, which is a food and fiber crop, and is used by the textile industry to make bed sheets, under cloth and linen. So no matter where you decide to go in this melting heat and humid weather, either for a holiday on the beach, or prefer to spend a warm evening on the terrace, you need to add linen to your wardrobe this summer, looking comfortable and fashionable as you spread those #feelgoodvibes.


  • Linen is an elevated version of minimalist fashion, which is the right approach in summers
  • It is eco-friendly, light and breathable
  • It is also anti-allergic and does not cling on the skin, giving the body room for air to flow freely. Perfect for people with dry skin
  • The fabric is long-lasting, and is durable as compared to other fabrics, meaning that it has more life than your regular cotton clothes, and feels softer on the skin over time
  • Linen rejects dirty and even if you wear it multiple times, it will not get that worn out texture


Worried how to revamp your life with Linen as the highlight?

Embrace The Wrinkles

Wrinkles can be quiet the trigger, but this season is all about raw earthy colours and fabrics, and beachy accessories, so don’t fret about the creases. It all depends on how you style it.

Dress It Up

You can also wear linen to work, or go semi-casual and can totally put together a polished look. Even though its a “chill” fabric, but if its worn with the right silhouette, it can make you look dressed up. A tailored linen blazer with a button down shirt would do the trick.

Go Casual

There are so many ways to wear linen casually in summer. A well-draped linen tee paired with summer jeans and sneakers is the best way to go. And the half-tuck technique especially is going to give your body a flattering shape.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.