Yeh Dil Mera, episode 17 FINALLY revealed a major plot twist that is a game-changer in the current scenario and we can place the missing puzzle pieces one by one.

With Ahad and Sajal enjoying a massive fan following especially with their own wedding also around the corner, it is good to see the duo romance one another on screen  and play characters which have many shades to their personality as it proves that they are versatile actors who always set the bar a little higher for themselves with each drama they say yes to. To essay complex roles of Aman and Ana with ease who continue to fight with their own demons week after week.

With the newly married love birds still on their honeymoon in Darya Bagh, director Ahson Talish continued to show the beautiful northern areas in many scenes while moving the story ahead at a steady as well as an interesting pace.

So what new took place in Episode 17 of Yeh Dil Mera as well as what did we think about it? Well read along to find out.


Finally the cat’s out of the bag. Aman and Ana used to be childhood friend and they used to play together in the mountains every time Ana would come to visit with her mother Nilofer, played by Mira Sethi. Soon Nilofer and Aman’s mother, played by Xarnish Khan become friends, hence Aman and Ana form a friendship. Interestingly, Bua Jee used to accompany the kids on these play dates but surprisingly Ana does not remember anything, even though as kids they used to spend ample time together. Was the death of her mother so traumatizing that she blocked out all memories associated to her past, which included Aman? That’s a mystery that needs to be resolved.


Now this twist we weren’t expecting as we were dead sure that Humaira must be Farooqs sister who married against his will which lead to him killing her but apparently he was in love with her and she was not which broke his heart in to many tiny pieces but with fate bringing his wife (to whom he proposed himself ) and old flame together as friends maybe that was the point where he couldn’t bear the jealousy and decided to kill Humaira along with her family as by know we know that Farooq is a ruthless man and this was an incident which he does not regret doing till today.


With Mir Farooq’s days getting close to being over, his current secret wife Saira decides to scare him a bit by informing him that someone knows about their marriage, and that shakes him because if Noor finds out the truth, then the good-man image that he’s been putting up in front of her will disappear.

So a well made episode yet again, the one thing which sets Yeh Dil Mera apart from the rest is that it has powerful actors on board who make the story more enjoyable and now with Mira Sethi as well as Xarnish Khan getting more screen space, the two ladies bring their own charm to an already complicated tale.