Last night’s episode of Yeh Dil Mera was interesting and thankfully a lot was revealed as well. From a murder to revelations and finally Ana is making sense out of the oddity that surrounds her relationship with Aman was a new aspect that we look forward to.

A cold-blooded murder because whoever goes up against Mir Farooq dies, took episode 20 in zing where a lot was revealed earlier than expected.

So, here’s a run down of all the incidents that occurred and what we thought…


Yes guys, one character has been removed and it happens to be of Rabia Butts who we are sad to see go as she bought with her a charm which was essential to the plot and it would have been nice to see her expose Farooq along with Aman but having her murdered perhaps sets the pace for Farooq to be revealed a lot quicker. An interesting character who has said good bye, Sahira proved that women are strong and will go to any length to expose a man who is no less than an animal himself even though she depended on Aman however  Aman decided to save himself in the fear of getting exposed.


Now this we already know as even in the past we saw him kill a man who was double crossing him but to have Sahira killed was totally unexpected as we honestly thought he would handle her himself. A ruthless character, he proved last night that he is the same ferocious Farooq who killed Aman’s family and his own wife and the years since than have not mellowed him down one bit. An excellent performance by Adnan makes this character a memorable one for sure as he exposes his difficult personality with ease.


With Aman now not on good terms with Ghori Uncle, he tells Farooq about how he may have used him to get to Noor which really startles Farooq but with Aman selling his factory and not saying a word to him has made Farooq want to know a lot about Aman so he can figure out what is going on. With Aman too becoming careless we have a feeling that his cover will be blown soon.


Thankgod that Noor has begun to use her head as she tries to gather pieces about Aman as she senses odd behaviour and finds pictures, boarding passes while he says he was busy at work but haven’t been to the office in ages! Determined to know the truth, let’s see how Aman will react once he sees her keeping an eye on him.