It’s about time that the Yeh Dil Mera ended because we thought that episode 23 would fill out the missing puzzle pieces, but the unnecessary need to drag it is not working out for us anymore. And last nights episode a bucket full of disappointment as it didn’t really have anything interesting to dwell back on.

With the hour passing by very slowly for us as the episode was a mere repetition of what we already know by focusing on flash backs but despite that there were few things which were ok to talk about.


This particular scene kept the recent episode a float as it did not involve any drama in the sense that when Humaira told Nilofer about her husbands odd behaviour she believed her and that in our eyes was very mature of her as some where along the way Nilofer knew that Mir Farooq is not as innocent as he seems and this piece of information was a mere confirmation of that. Now the reason why Nilofer and Humairas scenes stand out is because both actresses namely Mira Sethi along with Xarnish Khan are powerful actors who get in to the depth of their characters which makes them feel very real and compels you to be emotionally involved in all that they do.


One character which we have been missing a lot is the sweet Bua Jee who loves Noor like her own daughter so with her having called her up was very touching but not able to speak to her as she feels guilty for covering up her fathers crimes gave us the insight that despite being away Bua Jee still wants to protect Noor and we hope that once the truth is out she comes back and stays with Ana forever .

With Aman out of his deep sleep he is still annoyed with Ana from what we saw towards the end but with not many scenes between Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly this time around , director Ahson Talish preferred to keep the story revolving around the past which was dragged a bit too much in our eyes.


Going by the promo, it seems that Aman will let the cat out of the bag in front of Noor and where her reaction so far seems in his favour lets hope the coming episode is exciting from the word go as the plot is unique and should not be spoilt by merely stretching it unnecessarily.