For a while, YDM  had lost it’s charm because the show had been dragging situations and made obvious moments feel like clueless bit. However last night’s episode brought back the much interesting suspense and thrill, and that was a sigh of relief.

Excellent direction by Ahson Talish, the episode was fast paced and once again showed how beautiful our northern areas are by bringing Aman and Ana back to Darya Bagh so questions could be answered and Mir Farooq Zaman’s real identity can be revealed too.

With the script penned down by the much loved Farhat Ishtiaq, her dialogues last night were fresh and from the heart as each actor said them with such conviction that right till the end we were sitting on the edge of our seats hoping that Ana will remember her connection with the place which took her mother away !

So an happening episode 26 (thankgod), a lot took place which we will talk about briefly below ,


Determined to know the truth and prove Aman wrong, the feisty girl sees an old cottage and feels drawn to it. Upon arrival she discovers through locals that the place is in fact haunted as a woman was killed there ! Now why does Ana not remember this phase in her life has us confused but than again we think that perhaps the trauma was so much that she blocked it out of her memory. With Ana scared she goes back to Amans house but honestly the moment it was said that the house was haunted made the hair on our skin stand up and wonder whether the spirit of Nilofer will in fact come for her daughter and make her see her fathers reality in the darkness of the night.


Much loved Bua Jee is back and now is in a tight spot as Ana asks her what is the familys connection to Aman and how could he call her Agha Jaan a murderer. With the old woman knowing the truth we hope she tells her everything but at the moment she calls Mir Farooq to tell him what is going on but with him not replying we sincerely hope that she stops covering him and lets Ana know the reality.


Highlight of the episode was where Aman sees Ana coming from her old house and where she does hear her mothers voice she still has not figured things out and where we thought that Aman would tell her everything he stays quiet which makes you feel for him as he truly loves her and does not want to hurt her by bringing up the past as in his head he is trying to figure out how to bring Farooq to justice by not emotionally damaging Ana and driving her away from him .

With Sajal Aly winning us over too last night along with Ahad Raza Mir as she displayed variety of intense emotions through out beautifully, Yeh Dil Mera now is at a very interesting place in the story and we hope that from now on it will remain exactly like that as next weeks promo suggests that we will see Nilofer eavesdropping on Mir Farooq which should even make the new episode worth a watch as the flashbacks will have a lot to reveal !