Yeh Dil Mera episode 28 was full of surprises and intense drama. From Nilofer’s shocking realization to Ana’s continuous need to figure thins out with dead ends and Aman’s guilt mixed up with the revenge plot line of YDM.

Mira Sethi was the star of this episode and just showed us that she can act – guess we’ll have to credit the Director for that. The entire scene was flawlessly shot and gave us the goosebumps.

An emotional saga, Yeh Dil Mera does have a brilliant story line with exceptional acting by all of the cast members especially, but the thing which pulls it down these days is a mere stretching of the plot which to be honest makes you sleepy in the middle of the play but few things kept us awake throughout last night as we noticed how most of the characters got their heart broken in one episode.


Deeply in love, Nilofer has always been all smiles from day one and loved Farooq with all her heart but hearing how he killed Humaira shatters her completely. Realizing the fact that the man she married was different compared to the person now who tried to rape another woman and then killed her, upsets her greatly and the way Mira Sethi bought out all these emotions made us applaud the actress as she captured the essence of a broken women brilliantly who was upset but remained strong as the scene in the corridor proved that she wasn’t weak as she took Farooq on strongly despite receiving a beating by him.


The once lively girl barely smiles now as the man she loved accuses her father of murder and only married her for revenge. Too much to handle, last night we saw Ana’s nightmares returning which worried Aman and for a while she too let her guard down, but getting a grip later, she lets go of him and tries to figure out her connection to Darya Bagh which we feel should not be too hard considering her dreams are revealing a lot.


Having put her in this place himself, Aman is having second thought as seeing Ana so unhappy tears his heart apart but the question which bothers us every time is why just not tell her the truth and put her as well as himself out of the misery once and for all .

With the latest episode focused more on flash backs, one thing which annoys us about Yeh Dil Mera is that its promos suggest a very exciting coming episode but when aired it seems that it had nothing new to offer so with Aman facing Farooq next week and revealing who he is we sincerely hope the episode is so thrilling that it makes the drama reign on top of our must watch drama list once again instead of dangling somewhere in the middle.