The one thing that we simply love about the Ahad Raza Mir, Adnan Siddiqui and Sajal Aly starrer Yeh Dil Mera is the fact that besides a love story it also tackles the topic of mental health, jealousy, power as well as how one person can have multiple personalities to suit an occasion as we saw that happenening with Farooq in last nights episode. Adnan Siddiqui’s transformation from a doting father to a aggressive man within seconds was an interesting watch.

Penned down by Farhat Ishtiaq, her dialogues are simple and relatable. Having etched a story with so many different angles is not a easy job, but the fact that she has blended the present with snippets from the past only makes the plot more intriguing as we are still left to wonder what really happened with Aman to make him stay alone in the dark at night and why does Noor have nightmares which leave her scared for months .

Moving ahead at a steady pace, episode 4 unveiled a few things which helped us to know a bit more about each character and where exactly they fit into the plot.


Yes guys, finally we know what the relationship between the two is and Saira happens to be Farooqs second wife who resides in Karachi but is hidden from Noor as Farooq does not want to upset her. The on screen chemistry between the two actors deserves a special mention as their scenes together were worth watching and not even once did it feel like that Rabia was new to the field as she matched Adnan’s style of acting perfectly. From her expressions to the way she spoke, the model turned actress has left us impressed and we hope to see her in more projects soon.


He doesn’t have a disorder of any sort, but is a man whom we feel has a dark past hence he has a shield over him where he does not allow anyone to cross the line as we saw him being a loving husband and then changing into a demanding lover who tells his wife to watch her mouth and hands her cheques so she could fulfill her monetary needs which made us realise that Saira to him is just a good time and nothing more. With him portraying  a man in front of Noor who is still dedicated to the memory of her mother who died of cancer, Adnan brings a lot of depth in Farooq as he switches from one emotion to another with perfection and of course with such a seasoned actor on board we personally feel no one could have played Farooq better than him as he makes you love and hate the character at the same time.


As we said episode 4 had a lot revealed and this was one of the thing as with him sitting alone and having a flash back made us see that he is not the only child but has a sister too who so far has not been seen, but with us deeply involved, why do we get the feeling that Saira (Rabia Butt) could be Amaan’s sister? Hm…


Sajal Aly breathes life in to Noor and succeeds in portraying her beautifully every week . Now we knew that her character is spoilt but last night we realized that she is not used to being rejected at all and with her father getting her the internship she still goes to the office and demands a separate room with confidence but of course does not get one as she is simply an intern.


With episode 4, focusing more on Farooq and how Noor does end up working in Amaan’s office, thing which we have been saying for the past three weeks is the messy editing which last night was not as much as the first half was pretty good but after that director Ahson Talish did include a scene which cropped in to the episode unannounced and frankly looked too forced.


With Noor realizing that she is not normal and has some mental health concerns, it seems that even her stay in Amaan’s office will not last long as he is rude to her but the way he calls up Farooq to inquire why she is not at his office gave us the hint that he will mellow down and get her back on board. Ahad and Sajal make a wonderful pair and we hope that next week we will get to see a lot more of the duo who make Yeh Dil Mera a must watch.