Having been on air for the past five weeks, Yeh Dil Mera continues to be one of the top must-watch drama’s on our list. The perfect blend of mystery, romance, and complicated relationships are all rolled in to one where week after week something new is thrown at the audiences, and we keep going back to watching it every Wednesday at 8pm on Hum Tv.

Written by Farhat Ishtiaq and directed by Ahson Talish, the duo do not disappoint us last night. Episode 5 was fast paced, well-edited (thank god) and handled the topic of mental health decently, and Sajal has pulled that off delicately yet wisely with her performance.

One of the main reasons why we enjoy watching Yeh Dil Mera is because so far we have not been able to predict the story because where we think that we understand the plot something unexpected happens which takes us back to ground zero.

So, what new things did we discover last night in Yeh Dil Mera episode 5? Well read along to find out.


To play a complicated character with ease is not a task to be taken lightly, but Sajal proves that she is a dedicated actress who will go to any length to make her character look as real as possible. She’s a friendly person during the day, but at night behind closed doors is where her horror begins, and we also know now that she’s claustrophobic. Last night when Noor and Aman find themselves in the lift, she asks him to stop so she can quickly get out for some air. Her troubling behaviour leaves Aman concerned for her. And after Noor comes back home, she admits to her caretaker that if her friends ever found out how she takes medicines to remain calm, no one would want to be her friend. Which sadly is also the reality of life – that how uneducated we really behave towards someone struggling with mental health. Yeh Dil Mera is not just a thriller-rom story but it also spreads positive vibes and awareness about mental health and we want to rave about it as much as we can. What do you think?


Yes, Aman is finally softening towards Noor and it was evident from his reaction when Noor was feeling trapped in the lift and he tries to call for help. To see him care for her and develop feelings has left us wanting to see more romantic scenes between the two now. So far they are limited to the office, and they talk via chat which doesn’t really do much for us for the time being.


One character in the plot who is more mysterious than the others happens to be Farooq essayed by Adnan Siddiqui. He is shown as a shrewd man and flips between moods within seconds as having gotten his partner killed who had been dishonest with him while acting to be unaware of his death left us feeling that he is not the loving father to Noor as he portrays. What we’re perturbed with is the secrets that he’s hiding and will be later revealed. Perhaps he’s responsible for Noor’s mothers death and cancer is just a facade to hide the truth from Noor. We’ll find that out soon.


An interesting addition to the cast is Xarnish Khan whom we saw in a flash back and instantly loved her as she plays the role of young Aman. She’s shown as a loving mother but her death has forever scarred Aman and just like he has troubles sleeping and delves in the dark parts of his memories and goes back to being the confident young tycoon that he is during the day.

So having two main characters suffering from depression and anxiety is indeed something new to view as during day Noor and Aman are normal, rich and happy kids, but the demons which they are fighting within is something no one knows about, well not as yet, but the way Ahson shoots these scenes they make you sit upright and focus fully as even the back ground score involved compliments the sequence wonderfully making you realize that mental health is a serious topic and needs to be addressed for sure.


Having seen the teaser of episode 6, Aman is in love with Noor and wants to marry her but will she agree to it is what we cant wait to see that unfold. Does he actually care for her or is he planning to take revenge on her for the past is something we’re still trying to figure out.

Overall Yeh Dil Mera is a brilliant addition to the list of plays on air and it also manages to stand apart from the rest as its story is fresh, hence missing a single episode is completely out of the question as we love Ahad, Sajal and Adnan, and watching them together every week is nothing but short of a treat.