The recent episode of the Ahad Raza Mir, Sajal Aly and Adnan Siddiqui starrer Yeh Dil Mera left us with a mixed feeling as there were certain scenes which pulled us right in to it emotionally while there were others where we just wished it would be over soon !

As we have said time and time again, the drama started off with a theme which was very unique as along with it being a story of love and revenge there was also an element of mystery in it which would make you wonder after each episode ended that how will the plot be resolved but now after having reached 31 episodes and with no sign of it ending soon, that excitement which we felt for it has faded away much to our disappointment as we continue to watch the drama hoping that something will happen which will make it thrilling for us yet again.


Yes guys, this was one thing which was very annoying because she is a mature woman whom we know kept a dark secret from Anna about her father and feels guilty but to continuously cry about it did not gain any sympathy from us as this emotion by her has been used to death by the writer Farhat Ishtiaq and director Ahson Talish in every single scene ever since Bua Jee left Annas house and frankly we now need her to be strong for the young girls sake so she can deal with the fact that her beloved Agha Jaan had indeed killed her mother and Amans family.


Now the reason why Aman connects with the audience is because of the way Ahad Raza Mir has played such a complex character. Traumatised by his family’s murder, last night we saw a humane side to him yet again where he begs Bua Jee to tell Anna the truth so she could make peace with her demons and that was an advice which we welcomed with open arms as by now she deserves to know the truth as well as how her nightmares were in fact real and her father as well as Bua Jee had forced her in to this mental trauma themselves , a very valid point raised by Aman which made this particular scene a memorable one indeed.


The most crucial twist in the plot was marked with many faults and that over shadowed Sajal Alys performance which was no doubt brilliant as her character was remembering the cruelty of the night her mother died but due to her outlook not being convincing enough, the scenes in the cottage did not do much for us. Now why we say this is because,

a) Anna’s hair is perfectly blow dried  in all the scenes and a girl who is so emotionally traumatised will not be worried about her hair at all hence we don’t understand why this point has been over looked especially by Ahson Talish who is a perfectionist .

b) Anna’s jump from the window which her mother climbed out of by the help of a large sheet and the funny thing was that Anna jumps from the height and without even hurting herself gets up and runs!

c) The scene where Anna goes to the train station where she remembers how she was there with her mother was shot beautifully indeed but again it was marred by the fact that Anna was now wearing nail polish and honestly that totally killed the scene which was emotional but ended up being a bit fake.

With this weeks episode focused more on Anna revisiting her past, next weeks promo confirms that she recalls how she saw Agha Jaan with a dead body and with him having reached Aman we sincerely hope that the showdown between father and daughter which we honestly have been waiting to see for ages finally takes place so all the characters including us can mentally rest in peace !