OK. So the thing that we’ve been saying a lot recently is that, when you know Yeh Dil Mera is penned down by a great like Farhat Ishtiaq who is known for heart wrenching stories with dialogues that remain with you forever, one expects the same from every project of hers as she herself has spoiled us by giving hit plays back to back. However, with Yeh Dil Mera, by now, into episode 30, the show lacks luster and offers nothing new.

Coming back to last nights episode which was a blend of the past and present, personally we feel it would have been a memorable one if it was shown how Nilofer was actually killed instead of skipping that part for perhaps showing it later, but than again having reached 30 episodes one honestly deserves to see know how she was murdered keeping in view that Anna was glued to her all the time. And how did Ali Baksh (played to perfection by Paras Masroor) managed to make the kill without harming Anna is what has left us a bit confused.

Anyway, here’s a down low of Yeh Dil Mera, episode 30.


One of the most important scene which should have tugged at our heart fell flat completely due to the casting of Natty as Farhana as lets face it facial expressions are not her strong point nor is the dialogue delivery because when she discovered that Bua Jee had kept her sisters death a secret from all the hurt on her face was not at all convincing followed by dialogues between her and Bua Jee which felt quite repetitive and lacked depth. And what was Natty doing? THIS WAS THE MOST CRUCIAL SCENE.


An actress who honestly deserves to be a lead in a drama is Mira  who has played Nilofer beautifully as we saw her character progress from a woman madly in love to some one who gets hurt but stands up for what is right. A versatile actress , her scenes from last night were powerful especially when she decides to leave her husband no matter what but a technical issue which caught our eye was the scene where Bua Jee helps her along with Anna escape through a window with the help of a sheet which was so long that it was not possible to have it merely lying around and secondly with such a heavy battalion of servants all around how was it possible that no one heard Nilofers voice when she clearly tells Bua Jee to lower Anna and her bag!


One of the flaws of last nights episode was putting together scenes which had no connection with the last one especially of Anna who out of the blue remembers Amans house , the piano etc and where he should have helped her in answering her questions he preferred to stay quiet which was odd considering that he was the one who bought her to Darya Bagh for answers and when she has questions about it he prefers to stay mum about it making us honestly pull our hair out despite Sajal portraying that scene wonderfully it lacked conviction sadly as a girl who is lost and emotionally disturbed in reality would never look as stunning as her character did in that particular scene .

With Mir Farooq Zaman FINALLY having figured out Anna is in Darya Bagh as Aman threats him with her death one sees him rushing there quickly and with the promo even giving a hint that he just may loose his mind as Ali Baksh looks at him with concern we hope that this will not be the case as with the drama having begun with a bang should also have an ending which will be a memorable one where all the characters get the closure they deserve by seeing Mir Farooq pay for all the hurt he caused Aman as well as his own family !