hand painted bags

We are forever be in love with customised and personalised items because they represent your style and individuality. And just the idea that I own something that is unique and tailor-made just for me is alone a very special feeling. So, I prefer doing my research and hand pick pieces as well as entrepreneurs, businesses and brands who can paint my ideas so I can stand out in a crowd! Feeling it?!

The trend of product-customisation in Pakistan has vastly grown because fashion is constantly evolving so retailers need to innovate fast enough otherwise they’ll be left behind. For instance, the concept of hand-painted bags has caught up for real though, including us, and so Team SiddySays has gotten their hands on some of these exclusive pieces made for them by some of the most talented people. And where do they work from? ONLINE!


Ruba Ilyas is a young freelance illustrator who’s love for creating unique art pieces has earned her a loyal clientele. She uses great quality faux leather bags and paints them to perfection. Best, her bags are pretty little things that come at a great price (check out for yourself here /flora_ruba/) and quite the rage as well.


Janan Shihadeh is Palestinian who is amazingly talented and does bespoke work from murals, candles, furniture and customised bags. When it comes to the customisation of bags, her work is quirky, trendy and vibrant. She deals with clients all over the world and if you visit her page /jananstudio/ you might be next!


Yet another young artist and absolutely grand at her work is Maham Nadeem who speaks through her art. Besides painting on canvases, Maham customises bags too and to her recognition, she painted bags for #JeemOfficial at the #PLBw18. She may not sell bags, but you can buy one online and send it to her for to make it unique! Find more about her here /mayhem.art/


Since we all know the idea and inspiration about the Daachi Foundation, a beautiful variety of hand-painted bags were being sold at the exhibition recently and even though the exhibition’s over now, you might still be able to get one by getting in touch with them through their page here /daachi.foundation/

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.