How do we feel when we fall in love? Excited, nervous, butterflies in the stomach, heart racing, knee shaking, awe inspired and tad bit frantic. Well that is how we feel about fashion and more importantly affordable yet chic fashion… and it somewhat explains why we have come to feel in the past 90 days about Sapphire.

In a very short time Sapphire has become talk of the town, (and not to mention becoming an inspiration and aspiration for many peers…) with Karachi walas boasting all things Sapphire and Lahore and Isloo counting days till they have a Sapphire store of their own.

Given we’re a group of working women constantly on the go, here is our low down on why we have come to love Sapphire so much in just 60 days.


While such collaborations have been experimented with before, clearly none have been as successful as the ones we have seen internationally like Alexander Wang for H&M, Mary Katrantzu for Adidas, Missoni for Target etc.

Khadijah Shah of Elan - Sapphire

With Sapphire’s collaboration with Khadijah Shah the Creative Director at Elan, we have seen an unparalleled excitement in the retail space. Unlike Vital which is Elan’s In-House ready to wear brand that competes with other designer collections, Khadijah Shah for Sapphire brings the best of Elan’s values to high street. The creations embody Elan’s class and elegance through and through, making our love with Sapphire a butterflies in the stomach kind of affair.


No offense to anyone, but who has the time to walk from store to store in this day and age?! We prefer an end to end fashion solution any day. Clearly designers have caught onto that and flagship stores stocking casuals, formals, unstitched, stitched and more are popping up left right and center making Sapphire one of the newest yet given it’s been around only for 60 days most formidable player in the market.

Yes, we love variety at Sapphire. Love it to a point that sometimes we don’t know what to buy first. There is so much to choose from.

Sapphire Karachi Sapphire Karachi


Since we are media people, we have fallen absolutely in love is the smart social media campaign. Sapphire seems to be having fun and clearly getting the desired attention from friends and foes alike! Whether it’s Selfie contests, style files or spotted we love how they’re social media savvy enough to have the competition take note and start sweet little things they should have been doing a long time ago anyway. Who minds a bit of healthy competition, for now we’re just sitting back and enjoying this dose of adrenaline some bigger names clearly needed.

Elan Sapphire Facebook Sapphire facebook

We can’t wait for the SS 15 collection to hit the stores and wow us with what this dream team has up its sleeve this spring!

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.