Since the Pakistani nation has shown an avid love for tournaments like the FIFA World Cup, it surely didn’t come as surprise when this young chocolate chip cookie brand, Peek Freans Chocolicious joined the celebrations and created an uber-cool football anthem. The video has created quite a stir and impact, by showing football players giving their soul to the game by exuding energy, love and passion for a game that was born on the streets and belongs to the people. The burst of colours and adrenaline levels catapult the buoyant melody of the anthem that brings the spirit of football alive and reflects on the brands values because it’s all about the game!


  • The anthem is full of energy and displays a passion that is ready to explode on the ground
  • The chorus “Dhak Dhak Goal” keeps playing in your head
  • The music revives your spirit and makes you want to achieve something

Being a youthful brand, Peek Freans Chocolicious has dived into the big leagues with Dhak Dhak Goal because the brand and the anthem show a drive and zeal that is contagious and instantly connects with a wider audience. There are no boundaries, but merely a game that has now grown beyond courtyards and futsal grounds and an anthem that has garnered over 2.5 million views and is being talked about.  Football is not just a game anymore; it has become a social bonding of different classes, ethnicities and societies learning the meaning of sportsmanship and Peek Freans Chocolicious spreads the message with enthusiasm and fervor.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.