For the past few years the trend of “fad diets” has increased at an alarming rate, luring people in with its short-term gains and social media buzz. We get so caught up in this frenzy that we tend to neglect the long-term impact of these diets on our bodies, or even weighing up the sustainability of such diets. Instead what we need is a lifestyle change, where we enjoy what we eat, and make sure what we eat is actually good for us!

Did you know, adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your overall diet reduces the risk of chronic diseases and increases longevity? The general consensus is that our plates should generally be half full of fruits and vegetables during each meal, something that most of us tend not to do. Either we’re too busy to go buy fresh produce regularly and the thought of the long preparation time puts us off or we feel there are too many chemicals, pesticides and other pollutants in them anyway so we avoid them altogether. But all that is about to change!

Fresh n Freeze, which is backed by the Fauji Group, are providing us with a convenient, hygienic and nutritious solution and one that is available in the market all year round. They offer both fruits and vegetables that have been washed, cleaned, cut and instantly frozen to preserve all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are required by our body. The technology they use is free from any chemicals or preservatives and the simple act of instant-freezing actually locks in all the goodness, thus keeping the produce healthy and fresh.

Here are the 4 things that you need to know about Fresh n Freeze which make it a winner:

  • Convenient: Their entire range of fruits and vegetables is ready for consumption straight out of the bag – you don’t need to wash, cut, peel or even defrost it! Simply take it out of the freezer and add it to a blender or a pan or your plate. It’s as simple as that
  • Price: As compared to the market, you actually end up saving money buying frozen because the prices don’t fluctuate with the season, and you only end up paying for the edible part of the fruit or vegetable and not the peel or the stem which have already been removed
  • Healthy: The produce is actually fresher than fresh! It was frozen within hours of being picked, before it lost all its nutritional value and without any chemicals or preservatives. This is not the case when we buy produce from a fruit and vegetable vendor’s stall; usually their fruits and vegetables have been picked days and sometimes weeks ago, and have been ripened using all sorts of harmful chemicals
  • Availability: Seasonality is now a thing of the past! No longer do you have to wait for something to be in season, thanks to Fresh n Freeze, you can enjoy your favorite produce all year round! Whether is mangoes in winter or strawberries in the summer, it’s all possible now.

The entire range of Fauji Fresh n Freeze products are available in the frozen food section of all major stores in the country such as Imtiaz, Naheed, Chase, Bin Hashim, Agha’s, Carrefour, METRO Cash & Carry, Alfatah, Jalal Sons, CSD, Rainbow, Madina Cash & Carry, Punjab Cash & Carry and many more.

So, if you are a health conscious person, or just a buy one looking to eat healthy, these products by Fresh n Freeze carry health benefits that will go a long way in helping you achieve your positive lifestyle goals!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.