Do you know that when it comes to loosing weight what you drink is just as important as you eat? So the most pressing question that’s been on everybody’s minds is, CAN WE SIP OUR WAY TO WEIGHT LOSS? Getting rid of that stubborn belly fat is easier said than done because it requires commitment, dietary changes and an over all lifestyle change. Sugary drinks are merely hundreds of empty calories that are only dangerous, but hold on, there are some drinks that can help you lose weight. So, we met with a certified dietitian and asked her about her tried and tested fat burning drinks so we all can work our way to looking “slim”!


Bone broth contains many nutrients and relatively low calories, so it is over all very fulfilling, a healthy way towards weight loss and internal healing. And we all know how to make broth now, right?!


What, plain water? Yes its true. Drinking water before meals is a great way to counter calorie consumption and it keeps you full. We didn’t say it but research clearly did! So sip/drink away!


Caffeine is a metabolism booster and it suppresses your appetite for sure. It’s also a great pre-workout dose (one that we’ve been taking every day). Moreover, it is a also a great way for your bowel movements.


This drink is high in water content and packed with fibre and low calories, plus who doesn’t like cucumbers? So give this miracle drink a shot by sipping on it every night and feel all that fat melt while you dream of a slim trim you! You will need water, cucumber, ginger, lemon and mint!


This is probably one of the most powerful drinks because its packed with nutrients and will do wonders to your body if you drink it on an empty stomach right after you wake up in the morning and before sleeping at night! It has the simplest of ingredients such as; aloe juice, lemon, water, ginger powder and honey.

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Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast