Losing weight is something that needs lots of determination, but not determination alone, you also need to find the right way that will help you get the desired results. Juicing is considered to be one of the best ways to lose weight successfully. Mother Nature offers so many fruits and vegetables, which if you include in your diet in the right way, you surely will be able to get rid of those extra pounds.

We’ve rounded up six easy, delicious detox juices that will cleanse your system and help you feel great! Packed with nutrients, full of flavor, and bursting with good-for-you properties, these liquid superstars are the key to shedding toxic elements from your body — and a few pounds too. Start the blender!

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You can’t go wrong with this cleansing juice. While the oranges improve blood circulation, the lemons and green apples aid in digestion. But it’s the micronutrient-packed beets that are the star here. They contain betaine, which helps the liver eliminate toxins, and pectin, which keeps those toxins from re-entering your body. Enjoy this bright, flavorful blend and you’ll surely notice the detoxifying benefits.

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