Every once in a while we need a slap on our backs, or a kick in the butt to get us pumped up and motivated. So when we need inspiration or a better perspective on life, we turn to the #girlboss culture! It’s amazing how far and beyond it’s grown and is helping girls evolve just when we’re about to lose hope!

So, here are our favourite #girlboss quotes that will inspire you today and everyday from here on!

EXACTLY! There’r aren’t rules to doing anything because you are more free than you think you are, so don’t feel confined into thinking you can’t do something because of an XYZ rule, sometimes rules are meant to be broken, and most of the times, you just have to make your own!

Why do you want to be left behind? Stop waiting for things to roll on their own and get on with it. It is your struggle that will help you achieve more!

Fish are smart and they have a mission. They do what is necessary for their survival, which could be to go with the current or swim in the opposite direction. So it is up to you to decide the kind of fish you want to be, either way, HAVE A GOAL!

It’s simple, if you don’t learn to appreciate your blessings, you will fail to achieve the power of true happiness. Being grateful means unlocking the door to living a FULL life! So cherish the power that you have to revealing your inner strength!

If BEY can do it, then so can you! And you’re no different than her. She hustled and struggled and today she’s a force to reckon with. We  live the same day as her, but differently. So instead of deciding to binge-watch Riverdale on netflix at 11 am, set your goals for the day and strive on completing them!

Why don’t you share some of your favourite #girlboss quotes with us!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.