A lot of times, the gym has you covered when it comes to gym essentials, however there are times when you find out that you’ve forgotten something could come handy pre-, during and post workout. So here’s a basic cheat sheet of 5 must have items that should be in your gym bag!


Most gyms offer water coolers with single use paper cups. Avoiding the use of a single paper cup reduces its carbon footprint by 54% So don’t be that person in 2020! Invest in an eco-friendly reusable water bottle. You can find some right here.


Most gyms are happy wo provide you with a hand towel if need be but it’s never a good idea to use a public towel ever! Absolutely bring your own no matter what the circumstance to help you in the gym and in the changing room.


If you are looking to earn some sweat equity at the gym always have cleansing wipes in your bag! Not only will this help you take care of smearing make up but it would also help you clean up post workout.


Guys, it is basic gym etiquette to ensure that your BO does not interfere with the workouts of the people around you. Carry a breathable deodorant that does not clog your pores but also keeps you smelling fresh.


After a lifting session it is a good idea to snack on a protein bar. A healthy protein bar helps repair your muscle.