You can buy these from local nurseries and online as well. Sites like etree and, offer a variety of plants and pots to start with.

Every home has its incomparable beauty and reflects the taste of owners and their preferences. While many fragments that fashion the air of your home are not adding realistically any value some can! Plants are the ornaments that not only enhance the appeal and elevate the looks of your dwelling but also purge the air free of cost.

Lest you believe in having a black thumb or just cannot stand the idea of caring for plants let me assure you the ones mentioned below are low maintenance, will stand neglect, and would not need you to hold a degree in botany or hire a gardener to keep them alive and thrive.


If you wish to add a major pop of lush green to any spot in your home add a rubber plant. Its big dark green leaves and height are a sure shot recipe to elevate any indoors. If you wish to keep its height small keep pruning. To add a florist-shop finish to its mighty leaves just clean and apply some mayo. Viola! A show stopper is here.


Trending for years and never losing its charm Spider plant adds an interesting look to your home by its flowing variegated leaves. As a bonus, this fast-growing plant keeps producing babies. Feel free to detach and plant these separately for more greenery around the house. Kep it in well-lit spots and water weekly.


Aloe plant is one of the most forgiving among these. Besides improving air quality it has a lot of benefits and is widely used in skincare and herbal remedies. It needs to be watered once a week and like well-lit spots with lots of indirect sunlight.

Other succulents that are easy-going include:

  • Peperomia
  • Jade plant
  • Zebra plant
  • Echeveria
  • Panda plant


It is said that it is nearly impossible to kill a Pothos plant. These trailing plants can grow as much as 10 feet however can be pruned for a fuller appearance. Their cuttings can be rooted in water to grow more plants out of these. Let the soil dry between consecutive watering.


Leaves that have properties like long, sharp, twisted, and long-lasting got this plant named as mother-in-law’s tongue. It tolerates low light and needs to be watered sparingly.