Doubtlessly our parents are the ones we learn the most from. The most realistic and valuable lessons in our lives are those we learn from our parents. There are many values and standards that you acquire just by living with them. Years later deep in your practical life you end up doing certain things the way your mum or dad used to do. Brad Meltzer was true to core when he said, “No matter how far we come, our parents are always in us.”


Growing up I saw my father attending to needs of everyone who needed help and my mother always appreciated him. The deeply rooted empathy I see today in my siblings and myself is from those acts of kindness we saw our parents indulging in.

I have learned that at the end of the day givers are the happiest people. No amount of money and material can bring you the joy you can harvest by helping others in the hour of need.”


Although my father worked hard I always saw him grateful for being able to come back to his family every day. My parents proudly cherish that they have enjoyed having children and have had the most amazing time of their lives with us. From this, I have taken that,

“Working hard does not mean you should complain and wain. Your family is your support system and getting together after a day of work means happiness.”

I remember being fully in control of what I want to study and do with my life.

Even when things did not turn out well I saw my parents having a firm belief in me. From them, I have learned that,

“Building career means doing what you love and loving the way you do it.”


Coming to the lesson I have learned regarding relationships,

“I want you all to hold on to your loved ones no matter what.”

This is what I have seen my parents doing and this is what makes life meaningful and worth living. Having sound real relations with other humans is the best part of your life.

“Spend time with your loved ones, take care of them, and just be with them for as long as you can.”