We’re living in trying times where negative emotions have tarnished relationships, unhealthy lifestyles have deteriorated human lives, and lack of focus and a path in life has led to just being lost. There is so much anxiety, stress and pressure both in reality and online, and on our tender hearts and minds, that we have stopped growing as individuals.

Radhi Devlukia-Shetty through her spiritual and mindful journey preaches important and mindful lessons that we all need to learn and we’re sharing some of our favourites here.


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There are so many different types of meditation and I’ve tried a fair few but the one I felt most deeply connected with is MANTRA meditation MAN – Mind TRA – To transcend. I always speak about how every word carries specific energy and how words can effect mind body and soul..mantras carry specific spiritual energy that helps to cleanse and clear away all that junk clogging the connection to your soul…helps to shut out all that noise so you’re able to hear the whispers or your soul, the real you! I know other forms of meditation have helped me calm my mind but mantra meditation was the only one I felt elevated my consciousness and changed me as a person! The Mantra I meditate on is the MAHA MANTRA which originates from the vedic bhakti tradition and is in the Sanskrit language – it’s a universal mantra for anyone anywhere and it’s a calling to God..to the universe..to engage whatever energy whatever skills whatever attributes we have in service to help others❤️

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The art of focusing considerably on one subject that it changes your perspective on things can be very transformational for the mind. However meditating with a MANTRA is an other form that change the mind so it can naturally flow to do something out of habit. Radhi Devlukia suggests that meditating with specific words on your mind allows you to automatically do and feel those things, which in return can improve the quality of your life.


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This could seriously make such a difference if you struggle with stomach or digestive issues!! 😊

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To be conscious about what we eat, how we eat, the kind of surrounding we are in when we eat and what we want the food to do, is something that we should think about. From being grateful to slowly eating without any distractions like we do nowadays and just enjoying the meal is something we all need to focus on in order to avoid any digestive issues.


This is something that we’re all struggling with, especially now. But a lot of us don’t realise how important it is to get a good night’s sleep to boost immunity. So even during covid19 it’d be wise if we listened to what our body is saying.  From eating smaller meals to breathing slowly at night and attuning to the schedule of sleep is extremely important for a healthy immune system.


As quoted by Radhi, “This applies to all relationships you have. U can love someone but sometimes we forget that it’s not just about the feeling it’s so much more than that…it takes work and action and thought…figure out what those who love you need from u. What part of u would benefit them the most..giving gives way more joy to the heart than receiving ever does!


People who hurt others don’t realise the impact of their words, because they themselves are emoting their angst onto others. So instead of sharing hate online, work on yourself so you can control your emotions instead of letting your emotions control you.

Written by Faryal Syed
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