Being a new adult is really hard! There are days where you feel like, “Yeah, I’m really starting to get a hang of this!” But then you’re hit right in the face with one of those days where everything is chaotic. Let’s bring some order to that chaos! Here are 5 mobile apps that can help you organize your days, take care of your health and much more!


Streaks is a mobile app that helps you develop and track good habits! Simple tasks such as drinking 8 glasses of water a day, walking your dog or reading before bed can be tracked.


Are you the kind that likes crossing out tasks once you get them done? Google Tasks will help you get that sense of achievement. List down all your daily tasks before you start the day and get ready to take over the world!


Because keeping fit and staying healthy is part of adulting! My Fitness Pal is a calorie counting apps that helps you track your health and fitness goals, including drinking water and exercising. It can count calories for anything—from daal chawal to pizza!


Need something more interesting for your long drives? Install Google Podcasts and get a show for any topic under the sun! You’ll find something that matches your interest.


For anyone who has wanted a smarter bullet journal. This note taking app has hundreds of templates to choose from. Be it meeting notes, to do lists, or a basic note taking base, this app has it all.