Looking to spruce up your look with something a little more extra? Time to say goodbye to those in-store shoe styles and look up something that is a little more artisan and a little more handcrafted.

Here are 5 shoe wear brands that we are obsessing over this year for their beautiful craftsmanship, delectable designs and above all, uniqueness!



Named for our national animal, Markhor seeks to bring the regional craftsmanship of shoe making into global consciousness. Inspired by centuries old shoemakers from Okara, this brand wants to present shoes that haven’t been touched by machines. The brand has both women’s and men’s lines.


With designs that hit the sweet spot between traditional and trendy, Mochi seeks to bridge the gap between high end and affordable. With the same look as a hand crafted leather shoe, Mochi shoes are easier on the pocket. The brand has both women’s and men’s lines.


For shoes that are one hundred per cent bespoke, Gomila Intersole is the way to go. These shoes are a class apart and will make you stand out no matter where you go! Both men and women’s shoes are available.


For a brand that specializes in men’s footwear, Arino has a great selection ranging from loafers to sandals to more formal styles. Their online presence is what makes them stand out!


Keeping in with the handmade theme, no one does it better than Chapter 13! Specializing in women’s shoes, this artisan brand marries together Pakistani tradition with contemporary fashion. Every single shoe style is unique and beautiful!