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A lot of times we talk about what happens if a girl doesn’t get married at the right age, we assess and reflect on the cause and effect of when and why she’s married early, and lately how girls nowadays don’t want to marry at all and that they’d rather pursue a career. In general, our focus is always on girls, but have you ever wondered what’ll happen when a Pakistani boy decides that he doesn’t want to get married? Or have we ever given a thought about the problems and situations he might face for making such a move?

So here are 5 problems a Pakistani boy/man decides to remain unmarried.


He will have to live with his entire family; his siblings, their wives and their kids, and eventually he’ll end up feeling cramped up in a house where everybody has a different life with a set of responsibilities. And even though at some point in time when you were planning to get married, you might have thought of moving out or getting your own place, but since you’re single now, so you will have to live with the entire brady bunch no matter the situation


Being single for the rest of your life means not having a legacy of your own, and no heir to carry on your name, who’d march into the world and represent YOU. Whatever you are now will remain with you till the day you are no more.


A guy who’s unsettled in his personal life may not be able to attain the balance that we all crave for in our relationships. So no matter how many girls he meets or dates, one day they are going to part ways because he did not want to get settled. And the end of any relationship means that you loose a part of yourself, so you my friend will always be looking, and remain in a never ending search.


You will always find yourself explaining yourself to everyone, from your phopo to your taya, your khala and your mamu ki beti that why you don’t want to get married. Because what may be logic to you may not be a good practical decision according to them and even though you will constantly find yourself explaining, especially during family meet ups, your conundrum will always end up with a teaser statement  from your daadi such as “seb ko kisi na kisi ko zaroorat hoti hai, admi akela nahi reh sakta” #micdrop


Loneliness eventually leads to depression and anxiety and not every guy can cope with a single life no matter how happy he is or  has a settled career. There will come a time when no one will have time for him since everybody’s going to be busy in their lives and he will have no sense of belonging, and it is in that moment when he will lowest.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.