Having a pet at home can bring quiet the surge of positive energy and balance, believe me, and I’ve felt more than connected with my instincts since I’ve had my four-legged furry friend. After a long day at work, just the thought of his spirit and zeal brings a calming effect to my drained thoughts because having a pet is a healthy diversion from all the burn-out, self-doubt, anxiety and depression that we face every single day. But that’s not all. I’ve learnt some valuable lessons from my pet dog and are constant reminders of the things that are important in life!

So read on because the inspiration that you’re looking for might be snuggled right next to you in your feet.


This is probably the most difficult thing for us humans to do. But once we learn or at least start to love unconditionally and embrace the companionship and loyalty that comes with it, the world would be a better place. And what better way is there to learn this from your pet. Your little pup or your cat will want to be around you no matter how badly you yelled at them an hour ago because they forgive and forget, and loving unconditionally means getting a greater reward later!


Its true, love conquers all insecurities; lack of self-esteem and fear. I remember when we first got our Australian Terrier and brought him home, he snuggled in a little corner and stayed there for a few hours and later when I went to see him, he approached me and then there was no looking back. Just like us, animals also feel emotions but they also know how to get over them through love and kindness. No matter what you do, everything starts with you and how you feel about yourself. So, open and let go of whatever’s holding you back!


Ever stared in your pets eyes? I have, and I think that they are more than honest with their feelings than us and aren’t afraid to show it. As compared to us, we humans get so carried away with the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to enjoy the changing seasons or even a small success, whilst thinking about tomorrow. But pets know how to show you joy when they’re happy. Throw a bone at them, they’ll come running towards you, or even see you as soon as you step inside. Let’s not miss out on the experiences in life while focusing on the bigger picture.


I love it how animals stick together no matter where they go or what they do. It shows the stability and devotion in their nature which we definitely should also be picking up. Nobody should be left behind. And responsibility is something that adults and children both can learn. Having a pet means to take care of somebody when they’re hungry, cold or bored. For children especially, having a responsibility of an animal means they are the caregivers and therefore they grow up instilled with those qualities of caring for another.


Our lives are all about calculating the past and the future, weight gain and calories, unplanned trips and what not. Have you ever seen or felt your pet do that? They don’t think about all of this and live in the moment and appreciate what they have. I think living in the present and being thankful for it is probably the best lesson anyone could learn. Because once we do, life would become easier from there on!

Do you have a pet? We’d love to know the lessons they’ve taught you!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.