i love you

You have just one week to plan something exciting and exhilarating for your partner this Valentines Day because it can be a challenge to keep the romance alive. And although we can imagine that the pressure to make the day memorable is high, but who says that you have to break the bank and go over the board with a special gift for them. Love is all about making every second, minute and hour count, and there are several “inexpensive and affordable” ways in which you do something thoughtful for them that says “I Love You”. So, you can score in your relationship by simply adding that extra zing even if either of yo aren’t big on celebrating V-Day.

Here are 5 easy-to-do things/ways to show your partner how much you love and care for him/her (either way).


For the misters and misses – I’d love to wake up to the sound of freshly brewed coffee and the smell of pancakes and scrambled eggs. So, if they don’t have a day off, doesn’t matter, kick start their day with a hearty breakfast made with love. And if breakfast isn’t your thing (hint: all the ladies in the house) prepare lunch and drop by at their workplace or best, bag a nice picnic spot and enjoy the moment under the sky with his favourite meal! Ah! Inspired enough to show that you love them?


I can play with words, make the ruffling of the leaves on a tree sound delicious to the ears, so early on in my relationship we used to write each other long notes, share deep and meaningful verses and write poetry for each other. However with time, we lost that touch once we got married. But, it’s never too late to resume what once sparked your relationship. Write a simple, or a love letter and tuck it in his jeans pocket, or leave it on his night stand. Because even though they may not say it, but the power your words had on them is still there, but it’s waiting to be re-ignited.


Some people prefer traditions over modern ideas, they’d rather stick to what makes love the most sweetest and simplest of delights without being gregarious and loud. They are the kind of people who’d prefer to stay in, watch a nice movie and end with a dinner. But that’s you generally do, right? So, you give them flowers (roses) and a cute card, which in itself shows that you know who they are and you love them any way.


It’s the age of social media and who’s got the best smartphone with a super-sonic camera or DSLR, stage a photo shoot at home. He will love the idea so you can be funny or romantic, we all have a selfie stick, or simply put up a timer, and take photos to make it fun. And later, you can make a scrap book or a photo frame out of the best ones and put it up to remember your love by!


After a long and had day at work, men generally like to unwind in front of the TV and watch their favourite channel/film etc. In my case, it’s the latter, so if your mister is the same, a movie themed gift basket is a great way to show that you want him relax. And to accompany the 2 hours of cinema, throw in his favourite snacks to munch on and perhaps a personalized note that will show him that you care!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.