If you’re knee deep into wedding planning and still haven’t gotten around to plan your honeymoon, have no fear!  We’ve put together 6 international destinations that are both beautiful and easier on the pocket than most other spots.


Vietnam has flowing water, a busy night life and serene beaches. And it’s a great honeymoon spot because there is so much to explore in the city. And a cost of Rs. 150,000 is a good start.


The natural beauty of this palm tree island is unlike any other. The place is so awe-inspiring that some say that the English word serendipity came to be when early traders found Sri Lanka. Travel here for your honeymoon in around Rs. 160,000.


A stunningly beautiful chain of islands, Bora Bora is the dream location for anyone who has wanted a pacific water paradise. Snorkeling, canoeing, or sipping on some coconut water, you and your new spouse will be living the life in around Rs. 300,000.


When most people describe their ideal honeymoon destination, they’re usually talking about the Maldives. This place has some of the most romantic resorts in the world and getting there will only cost you about Rs. 130,000.


Istanbul is any traveler’s dream: from a coastline to busy bazars to architecture, this city has something for everyone. A trip here would cost you around Rs. 150,000 and maybe even less if you do your research right!