Since the Covid19 pandemic continues to spread, “social distancing” is the new strategy to protect yourself and others from catching it. Now what does this #lockdown mean for Pakistani people who are so high on ” mamoo ko chai per bula lu” and “milna julna” with “sunday ka khana phoopo ke ghar pe hai aj” as they head over to Shezan or Kitchen Cuisine to get something meetha to go with the post-dinner kahva party!

Stress. Anxiety. Boriyat and not having physical contact with their azeez are feelings that everyone’s upset about. On top of that, having day cares, schools, mall and offices and restaurants shutting down, the idea of how we can survive the virus as we complain and worry about this isolation period is getting the best of everyone.

Hmm. Hang on, without getting frustrated, here’s a list of things you can do during the CoronaVirus lockdown!


Gardening is so therapeutic. It’s not just picking out plants and seeds, and more about nurturing and developing a living thing from a seed to it’s full form. And Spring is the perfect time to get into this. Get in touch with your Gardener or look up online, see what’s in this season and go green. There is so much you can do. You can even have your own organic garden and grow your own vegetables. What better way to use this downtime?


C’mon ladies, get your Martha Stewart and Tasty ladies out of social media and try that new recipe you’ve saved. Whatever you’re into, savoury or dessert, there is so much you can make and improve upon (if you love cooking). Host your family, and prepare something special by honing your skills. And if you’re an amateur cook who loves to cook or wants to take it up professionally, now’s the time.


So you enjoy working out, but you can’t go to the gym and don’t go, but you’ve meaning to get back into shape. Guess what? Get those mats out or put up that 20 minute workout video and sweat it out. Some rigorous activity us going to get those juices flowing and you in shape.


Since this generation and before us is actively on social media, either as bloggers or influencers, no matter what your niche is, this is the best time for you to create content. Brain storm, devise, plan and shoot your content so you don’t have to worry about it later.


Not everybody enjoys reading, and those who, hardly find the time to spend a few hours between their working hours. So whether you’re single or a working woman who enjoys absorbing crisp words and a good narrative, read the book you’ve putting off, or go back to reading one of your favourite books. During this isolation period, you will at least have your brain cells activated and at work besides thinking about the obvious.


While some like to cook and read, others enjoy doing creative and artsy stuff. And if you’re one of them, who likes to draw, sketch or paint, or even create sustainable things from scratch, this lockdown will help you return to doing what you enjoy. Sometimes the littlest of things bring us so much joy, because hopefully by the time this will be over, you’ll be back to feeling great about yourself.


Writer’s block? Afraid to pen down your thoughts? Couldn’t find the time to put that feeling into a poem? YES. Now’s the time, so grab that journal, or your laptop and let it go. Express yourself, pour your heart out and write away! That’s the best gift you can give yourself during lockdown.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.