Great! You’re your own boss now and you’ll be working on a schedule that you’ll be setting up for yourself with out snoozing your alarm twice and the fear of getting written or laid off from a job that you don’t like. But as fun and comforting working from home may seem like (and yes it may have its perks), the reality is that the job can become your worst nightmare if you struggle to stay motivated. People may assume that once you’re done with work, it’s all fun and games, the real challenge is how to work around a set routine, achieve your goals and come out stronger and ready for the next day! So, keep a track of yourself, try these 6 tips and stay focused!


Your working space is more like a place of worship. Just like a bedroom is for sleeping, a kitchen is for cooking, similarly your office is for working, so consider your setting. Don’t let the family room couch blur the lines between home and work. If you have an empty room, try setting up a small and well-lit space for yourself or set up a corner that minimises distractions.


Having a schedule to work around is probably the healthiest thing you’re going to do for yourself. Jot down the things you have to do and assign yourself deadlines. To know the tasks you need to check off your list keeps you on track and if you’re unable to complete them, move them up and down to remind yourself of the work that needs to be done. More importantly, get yourself the right gears and tools to manage things.


So, you’re not stepping out of the house, but that doesn’t mean you should’t dress up. Have tea/coffee, get of out of your PJ’s and grab the bull by it’s horns because you want to step out of the home mindset and get into the work mindset. It’s totally up to you if you would rather do the dishes whilst in your PJ’s or write that article that is due!


Prevent a burnout by taking short breaks. Go in the garden, smell the flowers or even step out of the house. Don’t let your passion for your work wither by forcing yourself to work when you should be taking a break. Have lunch, run an errand and listen to music! By the time you return your desk, you’ll be ready to take off where you left!


It’s a great way to stay connected and learn what’s going on. This way you’ll also feel like a part of the business and will not feel isolated.


Cut yourself some slack because working from is hard. So, don’t beat yourself for not being able to check off everything on your list or belittle yourself. It’s not easy to remain disciplined if you’re working from home surrounded by chores and domestic issues. If you don’t feel like working, sit back and relax but don’t force yourself to do something that you’re not invested in.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.