The long awaited annual Summer break is finally here but after the initial few days of catching up on sleep, the young ones are getting restless being cooped inside with nothing to do, and parents are at a loss of ideas when it comes to providing nonstop entertainment for their kids without breaking the bank.

Go through our generously shared ideas below to make Summer holidays the perfect excuse to introduce your children to some productive new hobbies!


Children of all ages love to splash! See if you can afford to get swimming classes for your child, or just get a big inflatable pool that’s affordable and lasts for years.


Indoor gardening is a great way to cultivate a sense of responsibility in your young ones. Not only those little green plants add a refreshing look to your room, but can also be a great opportunity to teach your child the art of horticulture.


We do not condone the usage of smartphones by young ones but you can reap the benefits of technology by introducing your young ones to ‘infotainment’ — broadcast material which is intended both to entertain and to inform. Simply put up age-appropriate educational videos on the TV screen for your little ones to enjoy, but avoid handing them your smartphones to prevent smartphone addiction.


Take your children to a bookstore (we prefer Readings for its incredible collection) and let them choose their own books. By doing so, you are not only cultivating the habit of reading in them but also giving them their first lesson in life regarding sensible choice-making.


Cooking can be a great learning experience for your child (after taking all necessary safety precautions). From easy baking, to mixing different ingredients together, and making simple sandwiches- there’s a ton of enjoyable cooking recipes for you to follow through with your young kin.


Invest in board games. They are a surefire way for the whole family to get together and have lots of fun! We suggest Ludo, Monopoly and Scrabble etc. Bonus advantage: most board games are super affordable.


Let your kids bring out their artsy side! Just spread a large, old sheet on the floor to prevent any messy mishaps. Then allow your kids to bring out all their art equipment and paint/draw to their hearts’ fill.


Plan ‘info-taining’ trips with your young ones. These should be low-budget trips within the vicinity of your own city. For animal-lovers, we suggest Lahore Zoo; for a glimpse into bug life, we suggest Botanical Gardens; and for a simple outing comprising of water fun, you can plan a visit to SOZO Water Park.