The beauty of life is that of a story untold, because it’s the ultimate truth that appears and disappears amidst a myriad of colours that reflect on it’s mystery and thus, becomes an afsanah. 

The brand, Afsaneh is a beautiful ode by the queen of retail, Khadija Shah, and is a compound of the sub-continent, it’s diversity and make up in our cultural heritage that will inspire the modern man and woman of today to redefine their style, and narrate their story by wearing one of Afsaneh’s distinct pieces.

The launch of Afsaneh in Gulberg II gave us a glimpse of the outlet, which plays with modern textures and exudes vibes of natural ease and effortlessness for the Afsaneh man and woman to look around, explore the store and pick something out for any occasion. However, we are supremely happy to know that the retail industry is breaking odds by designing everyday menswear and giving them more options to shop for themselves apart from the limited options that they had.

To know about the collection, Afsaneh’s debut release, Sahib-e-Jamal speaks in deep-rooted aesthetics, embroideries that come from an era of the aboriginal people and craftsmanship that gives a new definition to traditional retail fashion in today’s time. The Afsaneh woman will portray her cultural roots and innate heritage like a vision garbed in Anghrakha’s, Kalidaar’s, Chooridar Pyjama’s and Gharar’s, and crushed Sharara’s from Afsaneh’s pret collection. A little something for everyone. Moreover, the colour palette is ideal for this moment and next, as well as the upcoming festive season-from nude beiges, tangerine oranges to bright pinks and seaweed green.

With the launch of Afsaneh, Khadija Shah and her team have embarked on a new journey that displays the hard work and love behind their product, and celebrates the pool of talented people who’s take on old world tradition steps right into the 21st century and will create a unique pool of customers loyal to their brand and write an afsanah of their own.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.