new age mum

Gone are the days when being a domestic goddess did the trick. Being the ultimate new age mom is not only difficult it takes perseverance and undying resolve! Here are the cardinal rules on how to be the ultimate fashionista meets mom… pride of every toddler, the mumista! Read closely, this is for your 3 year old’s honour!

So what do these new Mum-istas have that boring old last century moms never cracked?!? Here are some things you need to embody to enter this brigade of sisters from another mister (I don’t know why I just said that).

  1. The Hair: It’s perfect. Whether it’s time to drop off the kids to school or take them to a birthday party. Whether it’s a bun on a blow dry or a very complicated side braid, the hair of a mum-ista is flawlessly done.
  2. The Nails: Short, long, square or round these nails are perfectly manicured with an un chipped nail polish or a French manicure… Nail biters, nail cutters shoo off, there is no room for you.
  3. The Bags: These are always designer and always matching the sandals. No, mum-istas don’t have one bag, they have an array of options. Whether these were bought on trips abroad over the summer or bought online and hand carried by a cousin from Dubai, its bag galore for mum-istas… (One of these bags has to be a Chanel Classic 2.55)
  4. Tory Burch: Every Mum-ista owns a pair, or two or three or ten. They all wear TB flats for some reason (second only to MK). There is something about Tory and Mum-istas as far as footwear is concerned (it’s the Hermes flat for the more yummy mum-istas but let’s just stick to basics for now)
  5. Birthday Parties: Birthdays are a big deal, they are a direct indicator of your capability as a mother. Lavish invites with fresh pop tarts or even a spa kit (yes we have seen some personalized towels as invites) these parties are themed and catered (home-made dahi bhalas nope, home-made ceaser salad, yes!) Oh, yes and there is a competition on how good the goody bags are!!
  6. #Hashtags: #Mum-istas #always #use #hastags #when #using #socialmedia #OMG #ilovebeingamom #ilovethe10minutesispendwithmychildeveryday!
  7. Never Last Season: No matter what, you will never catch a mumista wear something from the last seasons collection in public, except the Chanel Classic 2.55 (there is just something about that bag)
  8. They Click: At the rate of 20 pictures every 5 minutes when socializing, with the same pout, the same angle and the same friends (with the same pouts, angles and friends!)

There you have it. The 8 commandments to enter the world of mumistas, a circle that is ever growing and ever flourishing. Till our next how to guide, get your blow dry on!

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.