minal khan

Sisterhood is a bond that’s joined by the heart. You have a person who’s on your speed dial, your partner in crime, vacay buddy, knows you inside out but loves you any way, and what not. Because having a sister means, being in a committed relationship – it’s the kind that will last beyond time. Imagine if you had a TWIN?!

Aiman and Minal Khan are like the Mary Kate-Ashley Olsen of Hollywood. They’re pretty, super talented and quite popular in the fraternity. And apart from their careers, you love them because these sisters show us that they are regular girls just like us, and no matter where they go, they are inseparable.

So, when Aiman and Minal Khan recently hit the North with the brady bunch, the sheer amount of fun that they had, reminded us of how special it is to have a mirror image of you by your side 24/7, and have the time of your life!

Sweet crazy conversations between sisters. One is the watcher and the other is a thrill seeker!

aiman and minal khan

Your sister has known you your entire life, so when you strike a pose for the camera, know she’ll capture the real YOU!

aiman and minal

Every little moment you take with her becomes a memory! Tea, anyone?

aiman khan and minal khan

Sisters who twin together, stay together!

aiman and minal khan

Sisters are as close as two humans can be!

aiman khan and minal khan

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.