Imagine not having to hear the sound of your mother’s voice, a family argument or a child’s innocent laughter? About 5% of the world’s population has a hearing disability, but we’ve been treating this disability  as a lingual and cultural stigma. Deaf people can achieve anything that other people can, but in order to do this, a good support system is extremely crucial, and we can lend that support just by listening. Amir Adnan’s campaign, “Voice of Silence” highlights the deficiency of hearing and how we can overcome it as a “movement” by accepting and embracing the differences in our society and thus move forward.

We as a nation learn by trial and error; we fail and get up, and at times, we give up. And this is perhaps the biggest mistake we make, that has led to our downfall – our letdown to unite as “one”. Disable people are also just like us, however they have their own toils and troubles, worse, they are mostly considered outcasts. Amir Adnan’s “Voice of Silence” aims to pull these barriers down by bringing people together. It teaches us not to pity the deaf, shun or ignore them, because they are also capable of making a life for themselves. When they are working hard to overcome their disability and thrive, then why are we not letting them?

Amir Adnan has collaborated with NOWPDP, a disability inclusion initiative that works on empowering the disabled persons by empathizing with them, raise awareness about their disabilities and advocate their rights in the society. “Voice of Silence” indicates that we listen to the disabled because as the saying goes, silence speaks louder than words. And if we are able to interpret that silence of those who are different from us, we might just grow as a whole.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast