Knowledge paired with play is a dynamic combination to teach young minds in a comprehensive way so that they are well equipped for a practical life from a very young age because accepting the facts of like make education an interesting and a life-changing experience. Catering to a very young age group starting from 2 years all the way up to the age of 8, Alpha School provides a very friendly and playful environment which reinforces the act of learning while also paying special attention to a child’s mental well-being and character building.

Alpha’s well-structured education system aims to help it’s students in becoming dedicated learners, which is very useful for building basic values in any child, including discipline, focus and commitment. Their broad-based curriculum aspires to provide various opportunities to students including Physical Development, Creative Arts and more along with a dedicated faculty, who are outfitted to deal with each student individually while catering to his/her specific needs. The teachers selected to become a part of Alpha go through a detailed hiring process which is necessary to ensure that the child gets the best experience possible.

Alpha prepares children to be students at par with international academic and intellectual standards that help them in becoming responsible citizens of the world. Modernizing the education system, Alpha also offers a contemporary technique of learning called STEM. It includes knowledge and learning from four different fields; Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics which helps develop a child’s motor skills beginning from an early age. Furthermore, focusing on co-curricular activities, Alpha offers a very safe and secured space with fun filled activities including cooking, sports, yoga, arts, reading and much more.

At Alpha, we are eager to provide wisdom and knowledge through education while promoting moral and ethical values in the students whilst keeping up with the current educational standards that are going to hone young minds.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.